Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And the Winner Is...

I'd first like to thank those who posted comments for the ticket giveaway. Everyone had great reasons they should win, but unfortunately there could only be one winner. So after reading all the stories of who should win the tickets to the New Hampshire BrewFest, I have decided to award the tickets to...


Portsmouth, NH is a great city to visit, and no one should have the prominent memory of having piss dumped on them. I hope you're able to erase (or ease) the memory of that fateful day by enjoying many a tasty brew this weekend at the Redhook Ale Brewery.

I have to say though, it was a tough decision as everyone had great reasons for wanting the tickets, and I'll have to reconsider how I pick winners, because let me tell you...drawing a number is a much easier decision.

SO Lane, please email me (brewengland at gmail dot com) your full name and if you know who you're taking, please include their name. Your name(s) will be placed at the will call window for Saturday's VIP Session, which runs 12-1pm (VIP portion), plus the afternoon session from 1-4pm.

Please report back and let me know how it went!


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