Friday, March 20, 2009

Head of the Class

In this economy, it is important to make your breadth of knowledge as varied as possible, and to update your skill set as often as you can. What better way to do this than by taking a class?

Beer tasting class!

This Spring, Boston Wine School in Allston, MA is departing from their typical class schedule of Wine Tastings and Classes and offering two BEER Tasting Classes:

If have taken a few of their wine classes and if they do half as good a job with their beer tasting classes then we are ALL in for a treat. Adam and I registered for the April 23rd class "If Craft Beer Could Talk: Seasonal and Limited Release Tasting" and are looking forward to sampling brews from smaller breweries and learning more about them.

Any of these classes offer great insight into the world of beer, several tastings of unusual brews paired with snacks and all of this in a totally snob free environment. And only $35! Whatta bahgain!

To register for a class/learn more about them, click the picture above. Maybe we'll see you there!


Jeannie said...

Have fun this weekend, you crazy kids!

Jenny said...

Nice! And with snacks. :) Looking forward to your review!